Top Process Barriers in Finance and Insurance

In any organization, there are a variety of reasons why processes might not be top-notch. This could tie into cost, business culture, and lack of IT capability—among other factors. This blog post will discuss top barriers to process improvement in the finance and insurance sector specifically.

Storage of K-12 Student Performance Information

It probably does not come as a surprise that educators in K-12 schools often use more than one method of storing student performance information. But it may be enlightening to discover a paper-based book or journal is still the most common method of information storage. This blog post will discuss why it may be time for a change.

How Mobile Technology Can Improve K-12 Education Processes

Given the widespread use of mobile devices in personal and work life, it doesn’t seem farfetched to imagine greater use of this technology within K-12 classrooms. In fact, many classrooms are now investing in mobile technology for teaching and administrative purposes. This blog post will take a look at this trend, including several factors spurring interest in mobile education technology.

How Finance Compliance Standards Tie into Print Devices

Most of the standards that exist in the finance industry that are relevant to printers/multifunction printers (MFPs) pertain to privacy and security for the general transmission of private data. This blog post will discuss some of these standards, giving finance customers ideas of questions to ask their print technology provider.

Workflow Software in K-12 Education Settings

Does your school handle a ton of paperwork? If it is like most schools, paper is still plentiful across many processes. This blog post will discuss how workflow software can help simplify and organize paperwork as well as the information contained within.