Printer and MFP Supplies: What’s the Norm?

The types of printer and multifunction printer (MFP) supplies used in your organization can have a significant impact on cost as well as the effectiveness of your internal and external/customer communications. Before deciding on the appropriateness of your current supplies mix, it may be helpful to consider some norms around supplies use in North American businesses. This blog post will provide some key findings in this area.

5 Questions to Get You Thinking about Print Management

It makes no difference how big your company is or what industry you’re in, the net-net is that you want to save money. One area of your business that provides a golden opportunity to achieve this goal, along with addressing information security and environmental concerns, is your print environment.

The relationship between document imaging technologies and users is symbiotic: You can’t have one without the other. However, when organizations restructure their print environment, many of them place all the emphasis on the hardware and don’t address the human factor.

How “Mobile” is Your Print Device?

Whether or not you realize it, your office printers and multifunction devices may be capable of receiving print jobs from mobile devices. In many cases, this is achieved through sending a print job over a corporate wireless network. In other instance, it occurs through sending a file to the printer via email. This blog post will discuss some key ways today’s print devices enable mobile printing.

Seven Benefits of Document Management

Businesses depend on documents for their smooth operation. And managing documents, particularly when they come from multiple sources, can be challenging. Fortunately, a document management system (DMS) that captures, stores, and tracks paper and electronic documents can help with this endeavor. This blog post discusses the top seven benefits of document management systems.

Three Tips for Acquiring Business Process Improvement Resources

Some business processes can be improved simply by removing unnecessary steps, or taking advantage of free cloud-based tools like Dropbox or Google Drive. Other business processes have more fundamental issues that require investing in new technology, personnel, and/or employee training. This blog post will provide three tips for how departments can acquire the necessary resources for optimizing business workflows.