MFPs Apps are Appealing to Potential Customers

Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends research shows that customers are generally aware of MFP (multifunction printer) apps and, more importantly, are poised to base their purchasing decision on the availability of those apps.

In a recent survey of technology-purchase decision makers, almost three-quarters of respondents indicated they were familiar with MFP capabilities and applications beyond basic machine functions of copy/print/scan/fax.

Figure 1: How familiar are you with MFP capabilities/applications beyond the typical copy and print functions?

Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends researchKeypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends research

Source: Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends research, 2017

Respondents were presented with a list of seven buying criteria for selecting an MFP vendor. Among respondents from medium-sized companies, the availability of MFP apps ranked second in importance after service/support. For small companies, apps ranked third (after service/support and brand).

When asked about the importance of MFP apps in the purchasing decision, 100% of respondents from medium-sized companies said they played an extremely important, very important, or important role compared to 78% of those in small companies.

How does your company feel about MFP apps?

While many companies recognize the usefulness of MFP apps, you need to think about your company’s specific circumstances. One key question is whether your company handles a good deal of hardcopy documents over the course of the day. If this is the case, MFP apps for streamlining tasks around print, copy, fax, and scan might make sense.

For example, scan-to apps enable organizations to route documents directly into a wide range of desired locations—including network folders, PC desktops, and cloud services. As another example, an ID card copy app simplifies the copy of double-sided ID cards onto a single page.

Over time, dozens and dozens of MFP apps have been developed to help companies save time and boost productivity. That said, representatives from your organization will need to speak to your business technology provider to determine which specific apps are compatible with your print devices. Other important questions to ask your provider are how the apps can be installed and whether a fee is required.

Key takeaways

  • MFP purchasers are familiar with the functionality MFP apps can deliver beyond the typical print/copy/scan/fax features of most devices.
  • In a few short years, MFP apps have gone from being non-existent to being one of the most important factors considered when weighing which MFP to purchase.
  • The portfolio of apps a device make/model supports can be an important differentiator that separates one MFP from a competing product in the minds of purchasing decision-makers.