Digital Signage as a Diversifying Technology

Companies looking to set themselves apart from the competition may want to consider digital signage within their various locations. This modern-day technology can appeal to customers, visitors, and employees, while helping the companies achieve important objectives.

This blog post will discuss several ways in which digital signage can prove a diversifying force, including through its novelty, display of useful information, and convenience for purchases and other transactions.

Digital signage is novel

Digital signage is still a relatively untapped technology that is largely found in certain industries (e.g., fast food, hospitality, retail). For example, it is commonly assembled in hotels and conference centers to show guests the location of various events. Due to its absence in other arenas, those organizations that use it may be considered cutting-edge by individuals encountering the signage. The relative immaturity of this market is reflected by the fact that one-quarter of print technology vendors view it as a top opportunity for revenue growth in the next three years.

Other than print, which of these areas do you see providing the greatest opportunity for revenue growth for your business in the next three years?

Source: Keypoint Intelligence channels survey, 2017

Source: Keypoint Intelligence channels survey, 2017

Digital signage provides helpful information

Analog signage can certainly provide helpful information; this is why it is used in so many industries, departments, and locations. But digital signage can provide a whole another level of worthwhile material. Due to the easily updatable nature of digital signs, they can show the best information for a particular moment in time. Similarly, interactive digital signage enables customers, clients, and others to find the information that’s most helpful for their particular situation.

Digital signage adds convenience

Touch-responsive digital signage can be used to perform various transactions— including purchases. This is a differentiator for customers or members of the public who may appreciate the convenient access to products and services via the touchscreen. It simultaneously represents a revenue generation opportunity for the organization responsible for the digital signage. If customers can make a purchase right away, it’s very possible they will spend more money with the company or entity using the signage.


Digital signage can help differentiate a company or organization through its novelty, display of useful information, and interactive and transactional benefits. At the same time, the technology can help improve the satisfaction of customers, employees, and other individuals, while creating a new revenue opportunity for the company employing the signage.