Workflow Software in K-12 Education Settings

Does your school handle a ton of paperwork? If it is like most schools, paper is still plentiful across many processes. This blog post will discuss how workflow software can help simplify and organize paperwork as well as the information contained within.



What is workflow software?

Workflow software is software that automates a process or processes. This is obviously a broad category, but when it comes to automating paper-based processes, applications that integrate with a scan device (e.g., multifunction printer, single-function scanner) may be worthwhile.

These applications can take scanned images, extract the contents of these scans, and route them to the most relevant document management system. It can also apply tags to the information, so that it is easily searchable in the document management system.

Other features are possible, but these are some of the most popular capabilities.

Why is workflow software useful?

When paired with powerful scan technology, workflow software can help save educators a substantial amount of time—allowing them to spend more time working directly with students. For instance, quick conversion of paper to searchable data lets organizations easily retrieve information at a later time.

Workflow software also reduces the need for file cabinets and other forms of paper storage, as it makes all information available digitally. This drives down costs for storage materials as well as space. Furthermore, the information is less vulnerable to natural disasters like a fire or flooding.

Another benefit of workflow software is enhanced confidentiality of information. The routing of student and family information to secure databases helps ensure that these sensitive files do not get into the wrong hands.

What do educators think about workflow software?

In a recent survey, Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends asked educators if they believe that various school processes could be improved upon with additional workflow software technology. For all processes, respondents were much more likely to agree the software will improve workflows as opposed to disagree.

For example, 48% of respondents agree new student/transfer registration would improve with workflow software compared to 7% that disagree this is the case. The remaining 45% of respondents say they have no opinion on the matter.


When paired with scan technology, workflow software can help educators more efficiently make use of paper-based information through quick search and retrieval capabilities. Other benefits of workflow software include reduced need for physical storage, enhanced security and confidentiality of information, and in some cases reduced costs.